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T Slot and Accessories Factory.

China KALU INDUSTRY certification
China KALU INDUSTRY certification
Yuki's company is a well-established manufacturing enterprise whose services have met with warm reception for its superior quality and attractive prices.

—— Paul Millsap

We purchase aluminum heatsink from Kalu, I'm very pleased with the service of this company,I believe that their business will be better and better.

—— Manoj Singh

I'm very pleased with the service of this company,I believe that their business will be better and better.

—— Mohamed Rebai

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Company News
T Slot and Accessories Factory.
Latest company news about T Slot and Accessories Factory.

latest company news about T Slot and Accessories Factory.  0

Product introduction:


Strut Profile PG20
20x20 R90, 2 slots 20x20, 4 slots 20x40, 6 slots 20x60, 8 slots
20x80, 10 slots 40x40, 8 slots    
Strut Profile PG30
30x30 R90, 2 slots 30x30, 4 slots, Light 30x30, 4 slots 30x60, 6 slots
30x90, 8 slots 30x120, 10 slots 30x150, 12 slots 60x60, 8 slots
60x60 L, 8 slots 60x120, 12 slots    
Strut Profile PG40
40x40 R90, 2 slots 40x40 T45, 2 slots 40x40, 4 slots, Super Light 40x4 4 slots, Light
40x40, 4 slot 40x40, 4 slots, Heavy 40x60, 4 slots 40x80, 6 slots, Super Light
40x80, 6 slots, Light 40x80, 6 slots 40x80, 6 slots, Heavy 40x120, 8 slots
40x120, 8 slots, Heavy 40x160, 10 slots 40x160, 10 slots, Heavy 80x80, 8 slots
80x80, 8 slots, Heavy 80x80 R90, 6 slots 80x80 L, 8 slots 80x120, 10 slots
80x160, 12 slots 80x200, 14 slots 120x120, 12 slots  
Strut Profile PG45
45x45, 4 slots, Light 45x45, 4 slots 45x45, 4 slots, Heavy 45x60, 4 slots
45x90, 6 slots 45x90, 6 slots, Heavy 45x180, 10 slots 90x90, 8 slots
90x90, 8 slots, Heavy 90x90 L, 8 slots 90x180, 12 slots  
Strut Profile PG50/60
60x60, 4 slots 50x50, 4 slots 50x100, 6 slots 100x100, 8 slots


T-Slot Application:


Equipment Enclosure: Electric Cabinet; Equipment Framework; Equipment Cabinet; CNC Aluminium Profile Machine; LED Bracket&Frame Work; Semi-auto Operation; T-slot Aluminium Profile Frame;


Aluminum Board Framing: Notic Whiteboar; Whiteboard Stands; Tool Trolleys;


Display: Outdoor Display; Aluminum Display Case; Aluminum Framework; Aluminum Step Ladder;


Fence: Mechanical Equipment Fence; Automatic Equipment Fence; Protective Fence; Robot Fence;


Storage Rack: Aluminum Shelf; Clean Room; Soiless Cultivation System; Warehouse Shelf;


Workbench: Lighting Workbench; Repair Table; Location Workbench; Operation Desk; Workshop Workbench.


Assembly Line: Aluminum Line Framework; Auto Assemble Line; Conveyor; Packing Assembly Line; Production Line; Regional Partition;

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